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Let's Get Real

I think I hate bloggers.

Well, not the bloggers per say, but the way they can seamlessly capture your hearts in a single sentence or word. I hate the way they can make pictures of their messy homes seem cute and how they can snap professional looking photos with their iphones of their “thrown together, messy top-knot hair, this-old-thing outfit” and look better than I did on my wedding day. I have a hard time with the way they can write and make you want to be just like them and help you feel like you can SO relate to them and yet feel like they aren’t actually real humans at all.

Those bloggers are superhuman.

Let me tell you what is ACTUALLY happening as I’m writing this not-so-inspiring blog post. My tiniest screaming blessing keeps crying intermittently until I adjust him and his paci just right. I ordered pizza (yes, I’m all about health) for dinner because I’m so tired I can’t think straight. I am actually wearing a “this-old-thing” outfit and it’s not so cute.The only reason we even have clean clothes after our work trip last week is because I have an amazing nanny (thanks rockstar Haylie). I’m sure you could gather up some yummy snacks from my floor and couch cushions and serve up a full meal for yourself if you were here right now. My to-do list is a mile and a half long and I thought…THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO BLOG.

We need more real.

I wanted to have a lifestyle blog to tell you about our lifestyle. Not our picture-perfect-I-woke-up-with-perfect-children-and-a-full-face-of-makeup lifestyle. Our life is busy, sweet, crazy, beautiful, hard, fun, don’t judge the spit-up on my yoga pants because I’m a mom of three lifestyle. Let me tell you, it is really real over here. Some days I don’t shower kind of real. We are daily thankful for Jesus, grace and coffee over here kind of real. I’m daily apologizing to my kids because mommy yelled again kind of real.

Let me tell you WHY I’m real.

I am a work at home mom. I daily educate and empower others to take charge of their health, to replace toxins with plant-based alternatives and I strive to inspire other business men and women to create residual income and dare to dream about a different kind of life and future. I’m a work at home mom because I believe I have solutions to share and I cannot keep them to myself. But I’m also just a mom. A mom who has to choose my battles with my kids. A mom who doesn’t make her bed most days. A mom who has more bodily fluids spilled, spit or spewed on me than I care to recount. A mom who has to plan her photos on the super rare day we all actually shower and put matching clothes on. Our family is fun and funny and sometimes downright ridiculous...and really, real.

Come be real with me.

I want to invite you on a journey with our family. Our REAL family. I want to share real, natural solutions so I can take some of the mom-stress off your plate. When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night or your husband snores keeping you from getting precious sleep again...I want to give you a solution. When you’re exhausted and just can’t smile, I want to share with you...maybe scripture and maybe my favorite uplifiting and energizing oil. I want to be there for you as so many others have been there for me. I want to share from my heart and know it could make you laugh, or help you sleep better at night (lavender, anyone?). There are real solutions for you, for your kids, your family, your pets, your life...really really real solutions.

Will you join me?

Join me where I share lots of real and stage lots of “there is no way this is real” photos with our amazing photographer. Let me share our real with you, and you share your real with me. Join us on an unforgetable journey of health, of freedom, of crazy.

Join me, because there is enough crazy to go around. It’s about to get real.