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Have Oils. Will Travel.

Not so ironically, I'm writing this post from the road.

Our family LOVES to travel. We've driven across the country and back again and tend to go a little stir crazy after a few weeks of staying put.

This trip was a pretty special one. We jumped in the car for the nine hour trip (that we stretched into 12 hours) to Kansas City for my brother's wedding. (Why does someone ALWAYS have to pee 15 minutes AFTER I fill the car up with gas? It's science.)

We stayed in a little condo for several days surrounding the wedding and had our plates full of activities each day. Even with busy schedules, our kids held up really well and I wanted to share just a few little tips that have helped make our road trips and travels a little smoother and more fun for all!

Travel Tips

- Car activities - It really goes without saying but having simple activities for the kids to do in the car to keep their attention focused as long as possible helps us avoid the antsy-pants crazy for the first several hours of the drive. I'm a huge fan of the Target Dollar Spot and letting each child choose a few special things to do in the car (and I'm a stickler for not letting them do the activities until the trip is underway).

-Snacks - times 10. No seriously, bring ten times the snacks your family would normally consume in that time period. I'm a big fan of eating healthy but I also like to bring treats like organic, dye free fruit snacks in the car...everyone is better behaved when they get to eat copious amounts of fruit snacks.

-Learn to Laugh - Instead of waiting for Murphy's Law with trepidation, get excited for it! Some of our funniest moments or best memories were brought on by stressful situations, blow out diapers, or fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants plans! Laugh at challenges, enjoy the mess (one day your car won't look like someone lives in it) and create memories that last a lifetime.

- Less is more - Unless we are talking about clean underwear, then more is more. Don't feel like you have to bring seven pairs of shoes to match every perfectly planned outfit. When traveling, remember that the people you're seeing haven't seen any of your clothes so you can get away with wearing the same shoes or jeans more than once! I tend to be a just-in-case packer and I always regret bringing too much! And while you're at it - don't pack tons of entertainment for the kids. It is incredible to me how entertaining a cup and a spoon can be when their imaginations are given room to roam!

-Bring the Diffuser + Oils - Whether we are staying with friends, in our camper or a hotel room, I want my air clean. I want to sleep well. I want to balance emotions. So I revoke my previous point and this is one area where packing more is better! Almost every system in our body can struggle when we introduce new stimuli to it. New foods or more food upsets our digestion, busy schedules disrupt our sleep patterns, stressful situations mess with our emotions and I like to be really prepared to handle all of these things with a few supplements, my diffuser and a cute bag of my favorite oils! (For more info on my favorite travel oils, email info@diffusetruth.com)

- Travel More- My last tip for easier travel is to simply do more of it. As you travel you'll find that what once seemed hard becomes second nature. Take a day trip to a fun museum or park. Plan a weekend to see that friend you never see. Eventually, you'll want to move into your camper and travel endlessly...or maybe not. But that weekend trip to Grandma's will definitely get easier with practice.