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Top 3 Tips for the Work-Wherever Mom

Are you a work-wherever mom like me? How do you feel about...

Work-Life Balance?

I don't think it's a thing.

I think it is actually more like this.

Work hard. Take a nap. Repeat. Deep breath. Play candy land. Take a shower (only every 2-3 days). Work hard again.

I'm always in the learning process of what a working mom should look like. How do I prioritize Jesus, family, community, home and still be able to invest in the work that I love?

Well, I don't know it all but I am (slowly and stubbornly) learning a few things. I'll have more tips to come but for now, here are my top three tips for being a work-wherever, stay-at-home, except when I'm gone, mom.

1) Have consistent help

I know I can't get it all done but I do like clean pants. So this year we made the investment our business to hire a nanny/household helper and it. is. amazing. Even if the house is crashing down around me, my underwear is always clean.

2) Bring your family on board

Sometimes we spend less time together because we are serving others, sharing natural health, traveling, on the phone or at a meeting across town. I used to feel guilty leaving my babies or husband but now I try to be really intentional for us all to be on the same mission. They come in front of the business in terms of importance and the business comes second...which doesn't always mean the business doesn't take sacrificing some things I'd like to be doing with them. So we have talks to say "what's the purpose and greater goal in this?". If something doesn't line up - we try not to do it!

3) Grace

You just won't get it all done. You'll never be at every meeting, answer every text or cheer at every soccer game. You can't have dinner on the table while answering the door for your husband with a smile and a cocktail (all while your quiet and pleasant children sit patiently at the table waiting for you). Allow yourself the grace to decide the most important things in your life, prioritize those and give yourself grace to not do the rest so perfectly. For example, I can't tell you the amount of times I've attempted to cook dinner only to have it end in a burnt, tasteless mess. Grace says order takeout. Buy a pre-made meal. Eat a cheese stick and fruit snacks for dinner. Call in reinforcements (aka, Nana).

What are your best tips or biggest frustrations for being a work-wherever mom?

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