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The Toothpaste That Saved Our Marriage

It seems kind of comical now that I've told this story countless times but when it was occurring it was not so funny.

We had a little wall art hanging in our room that said "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" and that was one of our marriage mottos. At some point in our marriage I started to notice this, well, stench that would occur around the time of the goodnight kiss. I wish I had more tact when I opened my mouth on many occasions and these evening kisses were probably one of them. I am not exactly sure what I said to my very kind, mild-mannered husband but it probably sounded something like this.

"WHAT in the world is going on with your breath? Did you brush your teeth? WHY do you smell like that?!"

See, gentleness, kindness and tactfulness is a strength I am hoping one day to learn.

Regardless, my husband and I discussed some of what could be done about his breath, we looked at different toothpaste options and we had used different toothpastes of every variety from the traditional drug store brands to the more natural options. We hadn't found one that...well, allowed for the "always kiss me" motto to hold strong.

A few weeks or months prior to this we had purchased a kit of natural solutions from our now favorite oil company, doTERRA. We chose a kit based on the best value and the recommendation of our friend but we hadn't tried some of the products because we didn't really know about them or understand their value. We somehow remembered there was a toothpaste included in the package so we dug it out and thought, "what could it hurt to try this?".

What happened next is akin to one of those hollywood kiss moments. You know, the one where fireworks burst in the background after the leading couple finally admits their love connection and the stars align and the whole world stops for a few magical moments?

This toothpaste, the one that used an immune boosting blend of oils and fights against things like bacteria in the body, finally killed the gunk in my husbands mouth. And did I mention how it tastes? So delicious...seriously. Kind-of citrusy, minty, spicy all at the same time. It has revolutionized our toothpaste use and now we have tons of this stuff on hand at all times. Our whole family uses it and I even send samples to all our new oil family members because it is just that life changing.

If you want your life to be changed, your marriage to take a turn for the better (at least in the breath department) and to boost your immune system with the best toothpaste on the market, check my oils tab for details on how to get yours or shoot me over a personal email at leslie@diffusetruth.com.

You'll never regret it, my husband sure doesn't.

He loves when I tell this story too...seriously.