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Top Tips to Fight Those Seasonal Sniffles

It seems like everyone I know is crazy sneezing, rubbing their eyes, or fighting fatigue from all the seasonal changes outside.

I used to do that too and growing up I remember my dad mowing the grass and being so miserable for a LONG time afterwards. Runny everything...what a way to live life, right?

It wasn't until I discovered true, pure essential oils that I had any idea there was a really simple, effective, natural solution available to me.

Did you know that just four simple oils are my go-to solution when my body has an allergic response? The aid to my body is so helpful, my symptoms clear up right away! I even make a little blend of three of these oils to have on hand during this season so I can just roll-on and go.

Check below for my go-to blend and check out our Diffuse Truth Oil Education group on Facebook to learn more about WHY these oils work and have some fun with our oil family.

To purchase the kit below simply click on the image and select the introductory kit, breathe, and pay your $35 enrollment fee. All of this seasonal support with fee included for $75! Worth EVERY penny.

Here are my three additional tips for staying healthy this season:

1) Say no to sugar + grains

Sure, we all love those yummy summer treats and drinks but did you know that all that sugar and party food could actually make you MORE miserable when seasonal threats are high? Boost your immune system by practicing saying "no" just a few more times then you say "yes" to added sugar this season.

2) Get adequate rest

In the long days of spring and summer it is so easy for me to want every day to be a party. I'd take a porch, cookouts, and sunshine every day if I could. Sometimes it is so easy for me to be really drained this time of year by saying yes to too many activities and not letting my body slow down and rest. Do your body a favor and remember to slow down a little and rest your body when it needs it! (I'd say invest in some black out curtains but that would make this more than three tips:))

3) Be prepared with oils

Snag just the four simple oils below (or grab a starter kit for even more health solutions) and know that no matter what need arises from seasonal threats to needing to slow down and rest, you'll have a simple, affordable and wildly effective natural solution for the whole family!