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Summer Travel Tips

We love traveling and we really love inspiring others to travel more. If you haven't read my top tips on traveling, CHECK IT OUT HERE.

So this follow up post is short and sweet and I want to share my favorite oils for summer travels with you - so you can make every crazy moment into a memory :)

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1) Lavender

Lavender is such a calming oil. You will want to have this one on hand for everything from pesky bug bites to sunburns. Lavender is also great to calm emotional responses from your favorite little people in the back seat and ensure that the whole crew is sleeping soundly even in new places!

2) Terra Shield

Speaking of bug bites, you have to try this incredible repellent blend. It is a spray and go blend of oils and you will LOVE having it with you at all times. My five year old is convinced that no bugs live in Colorado, so if you are traveling there, you may be able to omit this one!

3) Digestzen

Let's get all TMI for a second. Is anyone ever regular on a trip? You're eating different foods and taking up residence in a bathroom that might be a mere 48" from where your loved ones are sleeping...it is just the recipe for a messed up stomach situation. I use Digestzen oil right on my stomach to keep things...moving.

4) Peppermint Beadlets

These little guys are a lifesaver on car trips when we start to feel drowsy. They increase our mental focus and give us sustained energy without the caffeine highs and lows! Fresh breath is an added perk!

5) Correct-X

If you're planning any summer activities that keep you active, definitely have this little tube of goodness on hand! It is the BEST for chapped lips, scraped knees, or even paper cuts if you're adventure doesn't have you hitting the trails!

6) Lemon + TerraZyme

Lemon in your water to aid your body in its daily cleansing and digestive enzymes to help you if you aren't eating as much raw foods as normal during your travels! Don't forget to only use lemon in your glass or stainless containers, skip the plastics!

7) doTERRA Touch Kit

This kit contains nine oils in pre-diluted roller balls so you're READY for easy application at any point in time. Frankincense for the bumps and scrapes, Onguard for immune support when you're sharing stale air for days in a car, plane or hotel...check out the whole kit below. This kit is such a lifesaver for me while we are out and about - I like to keep it in a cute little bag and have it close by at all times so it is literally just grab and go!

The reality is I could travel with a whole lot more oils and often do, but as long as I have a few basics, I know I am equipped! Where are you traveling this summer? Let me know and check out my favorite tip for cleansing the air in a hotel room below!

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