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5 Pool Items That Make A Splash

I LOVE Summer days with my little babes. I love all the fun activities available to us, the time spent together, being outside in God's creation...but I really love the POOL. It is way hot here in Tennessee in the summers so I love having an activity that wears my kids out in a really fun way.

Here are my 5 favorite things that make pool days easy and fun! (Bonus: Free oils at the bottom of this post!)

After Sun Spray

I love a good non-toxic sunscreen but even the best of products can leave you with a little pink skin after a full day in the sun! I love my dōTERRA sun spray. It is an EASY-PEASY DIY that will leave your skin feel cool + refreshed. With it's calming properties, lavender is my go-to for pink skin relief and peppermint is so cooling to the body that these two are my natural choice! (Bonus: Add Frankincense for even more cellular health.)

In a 4oz spray bottle:

6 drops Lavender

4 drops Peppermint

1oz Aloe Juice

Top off with water

Pool Floats (that don't break the bank)

Because, let's be honest, it's all about pool toys. My kiddos wanted those giant pool floats this year and I just couldn't stomach $30 each for something I was going to have to clear attic space to store. BUT, a little bit of bargain shopping and I found out that Five Below has similar floats for $5. Way better for my mommy budget and my kids love them!


Do you're kids seem to have an appetite the size of a horse when they swim? I love fresh fruits/veggies but sometimes I just need a pantry full of quick snacks! I love to stock up on easy snacks at Costco, here are some of my favorites:

  • Veggie Stix

  • CliffZBars (can be a little melty if they aren't in a cooler)

  • Kirkland Fruit Snacks (no food dyes!)

  • Individual hummus packs (great with veggie stix or chopped peppers + carrots)

Silicone Rings

These are new for us and we are LOVING them! Groove Life sent us some awesome rings to test out and they are the perfect thing for busy moms and dads at the pool! They are totally breathable + comfortable and we barely even feel them! I love not wearing my wedding ring to the pool so I don't have to worry about losing or scratching it! Plus, these rings are super stylish (I might wear it to more than just the pool - and my husband hasn't taken his off yet)! They come in some awesome colors, snag one for the pool or just your active life! Groove is so awesome, they gave us a code for our users to get a special discount! Use code: BAKER for 20% off! Tag us in your pics when it arrives!


For guys + gals alike, this oil blend is AMAZING for reducing sun spots and signs of aging, without harsh chemicals! It is a MUST for healthy skin after the pool! It contains pure oils known for cellular health and skin beauty. Just roll on post pool or after any sun exposure to keep your skin healthy and youthful! Go over to our OILS page to snag yours for free.

What are your favorite pool-must-haves? Watch @diffusetruth on Instagram for a fun summer giveaway coming SOON!