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Do you want a family that you love?

Let me start by saying, I love my family. I really do. But, I have a family that grew out of my business that I love too. They are kind and funny people that I LOVE collaborating with, learning with and doing life with! Truly some of my dear friends are growing out of my essential oil biz!

It is no secret that we use essential oils in our home for...well, everything. From toilet cleaning to tooth aches, essential oils have truly been a gift.

The components present in these powerful essential oils have been shown to have a vast array of uses and incredible effectiveness when the oil is pure + used correctly.

One of my favorite parts about my job is helping others use their oils in an empowering way, providing both education and common use tips. I also love our community of oil users, my "oil family" as I love to call them. Here you will find a group of essential oil users all on different levels helping each other as we grow in our knowledge of oils, products, health, and lifestyle choices that contribute to a vibrant, healthy life.

When I sell essential oils, you don't just buy oils. You get education about oils in a way that best fits your needs.

Kinesthetic leaner? Come over, let's open your oils and begin EXPERIENCING the benefits together.

Auditory? I'll jump on the phone with you to TALK through your oils, your health needs and your questions.

Visual? NO problem, so many videos, insta-stories, and other tips available for you to SEE how to use your oils.

Read-write? More scientific studies, blog posts and articles for me to send you then you'll know what to do with!

With all that said, if you are currently a part of our oil family, I want you to be excited for even more content be released through the blog in the coming weeks that will be highly focused on education and practical use of some amazing essential oils. There will be something for every learning style.

If you are not a part of our oil family just yet, but are seeing and hearing and considering the amazing benefits of having these oils in your home, let me invite you into our family. Don't just listen to others success stories with oils, create your own.

If you're still reading, and want to learn how you can be a part of the health trend sweeping the globe and want to make yourself and your families health a priority, shoot me a personal email at leslie@diffusetruth.com. I have something for you when you get your first kit of oils.

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I have a kit for everyone, in every price range. Email me here: leslie@diffusetruth.com.

Follow the Diffuse Truth blog to see the new series on the incredible benefits of oils like rosemary + cilantro coming soon.

Don't wait until it is too late. Be equipped today. Kick the chemicals. Sideline the side effects. Get these powerful alternatives for your family's health.

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