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Homeschooling is NOT fun.

That's what my brand-spankin'-new-homeschooled-six-year-old yelled at me. (BTW, she WANTS to be homeschooled.)

And we haven't even really started.

Here goes nothing. Join me on my journey of a year of homeschooling. I have NO clue what I'm doing but I'm hell-bent-on-not-failing-without-a-fight. We may homeschool for one year, or 15. We may homeschool one child and not the other. I may wish I had never begun. I am just really not sure...but I'm living out my dream one day at a time.

No, I do NOT have a dream of homeschooling. It actually makes me want to dig my eyeballs out of my head. I do NOT have a dream of being a teacher...my background is in PHYSICAL education...and we all know that doesn't include math or english. I do NOT have a dream of getting up early and cramming in everything I need to do before I become a teacher for the day. I do NOT dream of a home littered with science experiments and more "original artwork" that must be held onto for years because it is the single most prized possession of a six year old. Here's my dream...

More. More time with my kiddos. More intentionality (no matter how contrary to my nature). More freedom to travel and see more of the world God made. More laughter, more of what matters, more popsicles at lunch time, more opportunities for prayer and grace and experiences. More slowing down and TEACHING someone how to fold laundry even when I can do it way better myself. More questions asked than I have answers for. More googling, more messes I can enjoy. More thankfulness for the season. And for me/us, homeschooling opens a lot of those doors - at least I think it does.

Join me as I share some of the resources we are trying out as we chase our dreams. I'll let you know if it flies or flops...

Here is to dreams...and the grace to have one dream today and a different one next year (or tomorrow).

For now, homeschooling is not fun but here we go.